Our Story

We have known each other since we were six years old. Our friendship has seen us through most of our lives; from childhood best friends to carefree teenagers, to wives and mothers. No matter what life has thrown at us we have always been each other's biggest fans and loudest cheerleaders. We have raised our six young children together and created little families who now also want to spend every moment together. 

We haven’t changed much since we met, besides gaining some wrinkles and possibly becoming a little wiser. We have remained the same goofballs who don't take ourselves too seriously and continue to make each other laugh until we cry...and let's be honest...sometimes pee.

Our love for all things cozy started after we became moms. Whether being home with our babies or coming home after a long day at work, our homes became our sanctuaries. It was a place where we could be with our families and escape from the stress of the day. In this busy world there’s nothing better than coming home, changing into comfy pants, throwing your hair up in a weird bun and curling up on the couch. We feel cozy just thinking about it.

It makes us so happy to help you create a warm, inviting, and comfortable space that you can call home. 

We are excited you are here, so pour yourself a glass of wine (or three) and happy shopping!


Kelly & Isabelle